South Moon

Your top address for Red Sea safaris; the cozy and comfy choice to dive in Egypt

Classic Sinai

This is probably one of the most agreeable liveaboard itineraries anywhere; amazing dive sites, short sailing distances, stunning marine life.

Northern Wrecks

Wrecks - the word stands for adventure, excitement, treasures and suspense - a diver’s dream.

Golden Route

This is Sinai’s most seldom sailed route, covering three Natural Marine Protectorates within the Gulf of Aqaba.


Sea Queen Fleet / South Moon

Your top address for Red Sea safaris.
The cozy and comfy choice to dive in Egypt.

Explore Sinai's fantastic dive sites with us, visiting the famous reefs & wrecks and dive sites off the beaten path; all in great comfort and with lots of fun!

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Founded in 1993 by Karim Fayed and friends, the company grew and flourished for the “Golden Years” of diving in Egypt; ..... continue ..

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Our beloved SOUTH MOON was completely rebuilt in 2013/14, with a new design, new rooms, new plumbing, new electrics, new engines, new furniture,...  continue